“I have had three sessions with Diana Borges and through those sessions she has been able to help me resolve issues that I have been carrying for a lifetime (and I am not a young woman). I have explored many healing modalities and worked with many practitioners in the past. Fortunately they have all helped as I moved through my process. But I had come to a place where certain issues had a vice like grip on me and weren’t budging. Diana using Biofield Tuning and her other talents and skills shifted that for me and helped me to experience a freedom that I had not known before. I could not help but be impressed and grateful. She is a focused and powerful practitioner who can address a wide scope of issues and I recommend her highly.”

Phyllis B – Petaluma, CA 

“I didn’t know exactly what to expect when I saw Diana for a Heart Access Healing session but after she worked her magic I can say I was impressed – and calmed, grounded, clear – with her work. Between her expert use of the tuning forks and heart mediation, I left our session feeling light and free, and ready to step back into my power. As mom to a baby and business owner, I was tired and disconnected. Diana helped me regain energy and clarity, while inducing a calm, powerful and deeply meaningful reconnection to my self and higher power. My feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion were overcome with a sense of peace and gratitude, and a confidence that things are just the way they are meant to be. I believe this kind of healing experience is important for anyone interested in getting out of their busy mind and stepping into a more serene personal energy space. I will definitely be coming back for more; Diana works wonders!!!”

Noel W – Santa Rosa, CA 

“I had an opportunity to do a one to one journey with Diana and it was a unique, powerful and eye opening experience. I have never come across this type of practice before but would recommend it to anyone looking to explore their connection and the expanded universe. I guess the best description is an out of body experience but at the same time I was fully grounded and aware, maybe a better way to say it is that I just became enormous as I filled the space following Diana’s voiced instructions. Everyone should try this exciting modality.”

Derek P – London, England 

“I have received the profound gift of having Diana facilitate healing and energy work for me. She has performed Biofield Tuning sessions and a guided meditation for me. Each time, I came to Diana in a vulnerable emotional state, seeking some kind of reattunement with Spirit, and each time I came away with not only a calming, relaxed meditative feeling, but also support and guidance.  The energetic effects of these sessions continue to manifest for days afterward. The messages received during the sessions continue to resound in the days and weeks afterward until the listener is attuned to really receive them.  This is truly vibrational, energetic medicine facilitated by a healer in a safe space.  I would recommend Diana to anyone seeking a way to support their own body and mind in healing, or in awakening to a connection with Earth and Spirit.”

Sarah L – Windsor, CA 

“Tuning fork healing was one of my most powerfully felt energy experiences I have had with Diana to date. The session was simultaneously calming and intense– many energy blockages in my body and field around me surfaced, and we were able to move the energy along and release some of it. Similar to a skilled yoga instructor, Diana intuitively knows how to make me feel comfortable during the session, instructs where to direct my attention and what to do with my body and breath as she is working with the forks. Afterward, I felt significantly different in my body, like massive subconscious burdens had been lifted, and I also felt more sensitive to my surroundings. I have noticed drastic changes in my demeanor and behavior in my daily life as a result of her work. I would highly recommend this kind of healing to anyone– various emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs can be addressed with the turning forks when used in conjunction with Diana’s special skill and sensitivity to energy.”

Katherine B – Seattle, WA 

“I am one of the lucky ones that’s been experiencing Diana’s energy pyramid meditations since she started sharing her gift. I’ve done over 20 of them and I can say that it’s never the same from one time to the other. Each experience is unique and totally magical. I can feel the energy is getting stronger let it be one-on-one or in a group. You will be surprised to see where you “end up” during the journey 😉 visiting a planet, another galaxy, inside your body or a past life… possibilities are endless. Give it a try! I recommend the one-on-one to get your “feet wet” or jump in the group meditation she offers once a month. Totally worth it!!!”

Karine D – Coolidge, AZ 

“I recently attended a workshop on understanding and increasing your energy that was presented by Diana Borges of the Borges Experience. The workshop was informative, interesting and enjoyable. Diana provided information regarding the mysterious subject of energy in a straight forward and clear manner. Her presentation mixed in a number of personal anecdotes, which facilitated understanding of the subject matter, and made the experiential portions of the workshop fascinating and fun. I felt pleasantly energized at the end of the workshop. If you are interested in learning about energy and some of your wonderful capabilities, you should check out this workshop.”

Tom S – Santa Rosa, CA 

“Diana combines her unique and powerful pyramid energy with biofield tuning to facilitate gentle yet deep energetic cleansing.  My session included ancestral tuning which helped  to reduce the impact of old familial energetic patterns that no longer serve me and open to new more expansive ways of being. I am more centered, grounded and prepared to take the next step on my path. Thank you Diana.”

Michelle K – Palo Alto, CA