Energy Healer 


Everyone has the ability to self heal, self regulate and self regenerate when they are in harmony with their mind, body and spirit. But we all need outside assistance at times during our lives. Diana Borges is an expert in assisting you with your healing process and gaining the confidence to move forward so you can live the healthy, successful and happy life you desire.

Diana is a certified Life Purpose Coach, a certified HeartMath Institute Add Heart Facilitator, certified Biofield Tuning practitioner (tuning forks), Reiki Master, certified Tian Gong Celestial Palm Energy Healer, dowser and Channeler. By integrating these techniques, her education, life experiences and her ability to move energy, Diana’s clients have had profound physical, spiritual, emotional and energetic transformations. She knows from personal experience, the challenges one might face to harmonize life traumas, but also knows the transformation that occurs when the lessons from life experiences are used to evolve and the person steps into their authentic self.

Diana provides unique spiritual experiences by opening energetic pathways for her clients. She reads the needs of her clients by sensing in her body what the client experiences and by receiving information from the Universe. She holds a safe and secure place for others to process their life experiences, shift into healthier thoughts, raise and modulate their vibrational frequencies and connect into their true essence.

What is energy healing?

Energy healing is a holistic practice that can help rebalance a person’s biofield, the electromagnetic field of energy and information present within and around the body. Within the biofield, imbalances can occur from life experiences, such as environmental, physiological and emotional factors. Imbalances or incoherence are often experienced in the biofield before emotional disturbances or physical health concerns manifest. By breaking up energetic blocks and maintaining healthy energy flow, the body’s inherent ability to self-heal is boosted. Sessions with Diana can also help you activate and align with your evolutionary self.

Energy healing is effective because we are energetic beings living in a human body, multi-dimensional. Commonly reported experiences during an energy healing session are tingling in the body, temperature changes, deep relaxation, visions, emotional release and sensations of energy moving, feeling lighter and expansion. However, each session is unique to the client depending on what they are working on at that time. There is no right or wrong reaction to a session because the session is unique to the individual.

The energies associated with our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and intentions are present in our biofield. These are the energies we project into our world and into the collective energy field. The energies that co-create our physical world. Not only is the relationship we have with ourselves mirrored into our world but we also live in those energies because they surround us. So ask yourself, what energies are you living in?

Some potential benefits of a session with Diana are:

  • Improved emotional and physical concerns
  • Reduced stress, anxiety, pain and fear
  • Improved relationships with self and others
  • Feeling empowered
  • Clarity of who you are and your purpose
  • Improved harmony, balance, coherence and ease
  • Expansion of consciousness and perceptions
  • Removal of subconscious interference so you can move forawrd
  • Knowing your inner wisdom and strength
  • Improved relaxation and sleep
  • Creating mindfulness
  • Feeling more energy present
  • Obtaining life changing information
  • Increased self-awareness and personal resilience
  • Change in belief systems
  • Living more heart-centered
  • Experiencing Universal connection and journeying (astral travel).

Does our energy level make a difference?

Everything is energy and there is a constant exchange of energy between people, nature, animals, Earth and the Universe. Because we are part of this universal divine energy, the information we seek is available to us.

People can vibrate at rates different than their optimum level, depending on their health, thoughts, emotions, life situations, lack of sleep and other factors. When your energy level is low, your immune system can become compromised, disharmony can occur in the body, mood shifts can arise and more. We have the ability to raise our vibratory rate with intentions, visualizations and higher-level feelings like compassion, love, caring, gratitude and forgiveness. These higher vibration feelings are inspirational and contagious to those around us. Maintaining a higher, coherent vibration frequency is crucial for our own health and wellbeing and can be beneficial to our families and friends.

Energy healing is considered alternative healing or a complimentary method and does not replace medical diagnoses or treatment by Western medicine. It can also be performed on animals and other life.


Tuning Forks


Heart Access

I have had three sessions with Diana Borges and through those sessions she has been able to help me resolve issues that I have been carrying for a lifetime (and I am not a young woman). I have explored many healing modalities and worked with many practitioners in the past. Fortunately they have all helped as I moved through my process. But I had come to a place where certain issues had a vice like grip on me and weren’t budging. Diana using Biofield Tuning and her other talents and skills shifted that for me and helped me to experience a freedom that I had not known before. I could not help but be impressed and grateful. She is a focused and powerful practitioner who can address a wide scope of issues and I recommend her highly.

Phyllis B

Petaluma, CA

Elegantly simple and beautifully executed, Diana’s powerful and loving energy has guided me to reconnect with my own heart, sense of compassion for others and self, and greater universal energy. This particular treatment has left me feeling more in tune with myself and my life path, and helped inspire me to act in greater alignment with both. Through the “heart access” approach, Diana does not “do the work for you,” but brings you back to your own heart and enlightens you to your inherent power. Together, we have cleared out blockages, eliminated lingering sadness, and raised the vibration of my heart, which has been instrumental in helping me feel lighter, happier, and more positive about my life…Diana effortlessly and intuitively blends all energy methods at her disposal– reiki, tuning forks, heart access, life coaching, dowsing, and so much more– to help fit your specific needs. Each session with her leaves me feeling connected, fulfilled, and eager to practice new methods on my own or inspired to act on behalf of insights learned that day. Diana’s care and expertise have made her instrumental in my mental, spiritual, and emotional health journey. She is truly gifted, and I am so grateful for her dedication to helping introduce more positivity in individuals, communities, and the environment.

Katie B

Windsor, CA