Awaken Your Life’s Purpose


We are all on our own evolutionary paths, searching for answers, learning, loving, sharing and even floundering at times. Many of us search to know why we are here in this life. If you are one of those who feels a calling inside, are curious or if you are just reading this website then you are likely already on your path to knowing your life’s purpose, your uniqueness.

Our world is in a state of flux, a transitioning period. As destructive and unwanted some of our world events are (geologic/weather disasters, COVID-19, political regimes, etc.), they are catalysts to help the planet evolve into a more sustainable and supportive world for all species. We are being guided to learn more about who we truly are, to regain our powers and to use the opportunities that arise. It is time to step into our authentic selves, that part of us beyond the physical body so we can play out our Divine roles for the Planet’s evolution and our own individual evolution.

It Is In Our Deepest Challenges We Learn The Most About Life.

Forever Learn. Forever Grow.

Humans are extremely powerful when they come from their true essence and are connected to their hearts and souls. But for many of us, our life experiences and society’s expectations disempowered us. According to Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist, we operate 95% of the time using programs on our subconscious and that most of the programs are based on our experiences before we were 7 years old. So think about it…whose stories are running YOUR life?

In order to break old patterns and thoughts that don’t serve us, we need to have a different understanding of who we are, know we are more than the physical body and BELIEVE in ourselves. See life’s synchronicities and understand there is often a bigger picture unfolding for our individual highest good and for the highest good as a collective.

Change Your Story, Change Your World. 

Step Into A New Version Of You.

How do you step into a more empowered version of you and embrace your purpose in this life? Diana believes there is a basic purpose common for everyone. Learning and evolving. Feeling love and compassion. Being connected to your heart and soul. These are the first steps to truly knowing a purpose that lies outside of oneself, whether it is serving, inventing a product, creating or something else. It is only after starting the internal work can we accurately know a purpose that lies outside of oneself.

By healing her own angry, hurt child and forgiving herself, Diana was able to connect to her true essence, gain a greater understanding of life and create the world she wanted. Since starting her own internal work in 2008, Diana has been able to embrace her soul’s purpose and complete two life missions. She learned that although her purpose is to assist with the evolution of humanity and the Planet, the details of what that entails shifts over time. 

Diana now assists clients in understanding their own life’s purpose, in recognizing signs for progressing forward and in self-actualization. By drawing on her education, channeling skills, ability to move energy and her own life transformation experiences, Diana coaches clients on accessing their inner strength and wisdom and releasing any “self falsities” so they can stand in their greater truth and have lives that are in alignment with their soul’s evolutionary path. To be in coherence, harmony with their own lives. 

I have been working with Diana for over a year. I am now at a place in life to where I can say that I have done the work and have experienced tremendous growth with the help of Diana through life coaching and heart access …. I have found it easier to maneuver through life’s challenges with the help of Diana.. …. Every session that I have had with Diana was better than the one before…I highly recommend Diana Borges and her expertise!

Denise A

Windsor, CA