Heart Access

An Energetic Healing and Reconnection Modality

When is the last time you felt love and passion in your heart?

Heart Access is a combination of techniques that is personalized to the individual’s needs. It is best described as a high-vibrational, experiential journey within and out of ones body for self healing, reconnection to the heart and soul, replacing limiting beliefs with new programs, expansion, and more. It is a unique energetic modality that has to be experienced to truly understand. Many people have commented they have not experienced a modality like it before.

Heart Access was created and founded by Diana Borges, with guidance from her own divine guides. Each session combines life coaching, multiple energy healing techniques, and Diana’s ability to move energy. When Heart Access is performed one-on-one, tuning forks are often placed on the body to modulate energy flow within the body and bring the person into parasympathetic state.

The transformational process typically begins by first entering the heart to release stuck energies/emotions/memories. The person is then invited to release elsewhere in the body, down to the cellular and subconscious level, and to download from the divine the programs that are most appropriate for their highest good. The session ends with expansion of the person’s energy field so they can expand their awareness, feel their connection to the collective consciousness and regain their strength. According to the HeartMath Institute, the heart is “a point of entry into the psychophysiological networks that underlie emotional experience.” Diana believes the heart is the key to our intuition, strength, soul and wisdom. By developing a deeper relationship with the heart and loving yourself you become more aligned with your life and your world. 

Healing the Heart

A Heart Access session may also include:

  • Harmonizing the brain and making the most appropriate neurological connections
  • Creating heart-brain coherence
  • Expansion of heart energy into the body, energy field, and Universe
  • Past life regression
  • Future life progression
  • Working on ancestral patterns and family relationships
  • Harmonizing a project.

Heart Access Experiments Using Live Blood Cells

Diana conducted experiments using live blood cell analysis (viewing blood under a microscope) to evaluate the affect Heart Access has on a person. For both experiments, blood samples were collected from the client before and after receiving a Heart Access session from Diana. The experiments were performed in December 2018 and in January 2019. 

The sessions conducted during both experiments consisted of first placing weighted tuning forks on the body to open and support healthy energy flow within the body. Heart Access was then performed to heal, strengthen the clients’ connections to the heart and soul, replace limiting beliefs on a cellular and subconscious level with information from the Universe, and expand the person’s energy field.

Video Discussing January 2019 Experiment Results

For the January 2019 experiment, before and after blood samples were also collected from Diana, as the healer and HeartMath Institute’s inner balance device was used on the client to evaluate coherence levels during the session.

Experiment Results

Before and after photographs of the clients’ blood are shown to the left and below. For both experiments, the results showed an increased movement in the clients’ blood cells and a significant change in cell configurations; more spread out and obvious “halo” lighting around the cells.

The January 2019 results also showed an improvement in cell configuration and movement of Diana’s blood and that the client was in approximately 75% high coherence while receiving Heart Access. The two experiments demonstrate how Heart Access can support the body on a cellular level.  After the sessions, both clients’ blood cells and Diana’s cells were not as clumped and were moving more freely than before the session. When blood flows freely through capillary beds, the body is able to receive more oxygen and nutrients and remove waste products. To watch the extended video of the January 2019 experiment, which includes the Heart Access session, click HERE.

Note: information about the experiments are for observational purposes only and not meant for medical or diagnostic purposes.

I didn’t know exactly what to expect when I saw Diana for a Heart Access Healing session but after she worked her magic I can say I was impressed – and calmed, grounded, clear – with her work. Between her expert use of the tuning forks and heart mediation, I left our session feeling light and free, and ready to step back into my power. As mom to a baby and business owner, I was tired and disconnected. Diana helped me regain energy and clarity, while inducing a calm, powerful and deeply meaningful reconnection to my self and higher power. My feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion were overcome with a sense of peace and gratitude, and a confidence that things are just the way they are meant to be. I believe this kind of healing experience is important for anyone interested in getting out of their busy mind and stepping into a more serene personal energy space. I will definitely be coming back for more; Diana works wonders!!!

Noel W

Santa Rosa, CA

… The heart access journey is a different experience in itself. The heart access journey has left me feeling lighter and at peace. The heart access journey has taken years of hurt and pain that I have been carrying inside and it has been released and recycled back to the universe. The work that you have done for me has made my path of life easier and less stressful. I am evolving and growing as an individual… I definitely did not want the session to end… Thank you for your compassion and love!

Denise A - Client Who Volunteered For January 2019 Experiment

Windsor, CA



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