Healing the Healers

Our World Is Evolving.  Are You Going To Evolve With It?

As holistic practitioners, we sometimes get to a point where we forget to work on ourselves, get distracted or we reach a level we do not know how to advance beyond. Diana assists holistic practitioners and others who have become “stuck on their path” break through barriers so they can further their evolution and ascend.

When we decide we want true freedom, we need to make the commitment we are already love and no longer want to suffer or be in fear. Fear that we might not deserve abundance. Fear that we are more powerful than what we have been told. Fear of embracing our magnificent powers beyond the physical world. These fears prevent us from being our true essence, having deeper loving relationships, succeeding and feeling true love and happiness.

When Our Desires Outweigh Our Fears We Do

Making yourself a priority with learning and self-care is not selfish – it is necessary for your soul’s advancement. As human beings we are complicated and we exist in multiple dimensions. So how do we get to the next level and how can we be in the physical and spiritual realms at the same time? True self-transformation requires doing the deep inner work, requires the courage to face probably one of the biggest challenges of your life. Admitting you are not what you have been told much of your life.

Our world is changing, moving into higher consciousness and higher vibrational frequencies. Some refer to it as moving into higher dimensions. Whether you struggle with a fear based blockage or you just need an energy tune up, Diana opens portals that will allow you to access your higher self and work with the Divine energy source, the collective consciousness. She can help dissolve false self beliefs and illusions… reawaken the remembrance of your divine origin and soul’s purpose… declare you are strong enough right now to further your evolution and accomplish your purpose in this life. It’s time to acknowledge your own needs, wants and desires. What is YOUR heart telling YOU?

I’m a psychic and medium, so I know how to feel and utilize energy work. Diana Borges’ energy work is truly amazing. So if you’re wanting to get unstuck in any aspect in your life and create change you know you need, she’s the lady you want to go to. Diana has helped me expand my intuitive abilities to a higher level and for that I’m grateful and so are my clients. I’ve gone to Diana several times, and each time big change has happened in my life for the better.

Jan K

Santa Rosa, CA

Diana Borges, thank you for your awesome, effective, and beautiful healing facilitation yesterday — it really IS “the Borges Experience!” You helped me bring healing and freedom to my heart and my brain with techniques and cues I had never thought of.. I do feel that some issues I had been holding without wanting to have considerably lessened their grip. And it felt wonderful from beginning to end. The tuning forks feel like magic and your gentle, assured voice was just right in the visualization.

Leigh B

Rohnert Park, CA

Diana led us into a past life regression where I journeyed back into this lifetime and met my 7 year old self. This was an age where I had an emotional shift within myself. As my “present” self and my 7 year old self embraced, a deep heart healing took place. Hand in hand, we traveled back to a past life time, where I was an Egyptian Priestess, who was known for her deep healing powers. This journey was a beautiful multidimensional Soul re-connection of my 3 “selves’. A powerful heart energy transmission took place between all 3 and it evolved into my younger self stepping into my “present” self, and my “present” self merging with my past Priestess self. This created an energetic shift within as well as releasing physical tension held within my body. I emerged from this meditation with my heart full, knowing I carry my full power and magic within. Diana has the unique ability to help you quickly release your self limiting beliefs, shift your energy and access your authentic self. She truly helps you transform, heal, transcend dimensions and embrace your power.

Juliet C

Petaluma, CA



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