We are in this life to love, share, and for self-discovery so we can move forward on our evolutionary paths. When we take sessions/classes for self improvement and healing, we invest in ourselves, tell the Universe we are a priority, and open up to endless possibilities.

With Diana's guidance, you will reopen to yourself, transform limiting beliefs, and regain your power. It is your birthright to be the most magnificent I AM being possible.

Diana offers healing sessions, life coaching sessions, workshops, meditations, reconnective nature hikes, and speaking engagements to assist you with your own self transformation and the evolution of humanity. Personalized packages tailored to your needs are also available. Please contact Diana at 707-239-2693 or at Diana@BorgesExperience.com to schedule a session, if you would like to discuss a speaking engagement, or if you have any questions. Healing sessions, life coaching sessions, and meditations can be performed in person or remotely by telephone or Zoom. Payments can be made via cash, check, or PayPal, using paypal.me/DianaMBorges. All events and group meditations are posted on The Borges Experience Facebook page.

Heart Access and Tuning Fork Sessions
One Hour Session Rate: $125
One and Half Hour Session Rate: $175

Life Coaching
One Hour Session Rate: $150   

Meditative Journeys
Group Session Rate: $10 to $30
Private Session Rate: $110 

Typical Group Session Rate: $20 to $100
Workshop rates vary by workshop and length of workshop

Reconnective Nature Hikes/Walks
Group Session Rate: $10 to $30


Personalized packages are available starting at $597. Packages may include healing sessions, life coaching sessions, home study workbook, reconnective nature hikes, guided journeys and more. Please contact Diana to discuss what combination would be most appropriate for your progression.