Inspiring Stories of Healing Through Alternative and Holistic Healthcare

Publication Date: September 13, 2019

A complication of 25 personal stories about holistic alternatives from healer’s and those who have been healed. The book will help you understand and find holistic and alternative care options. Diana’s contribution to the book is titled “Crossing the Threshold to Possibilities.”

Inspired Wisdom Word Search

Yoga for the Brain

Anticipated Publication Date: February 4,  2020

Diana is one of the authors crafting this fun and insightful book of word search puzzles and wisdom messages. The book helps boost your health and happiness through the power of positive play. Diana’s contribution to the book is titled “Regain Your Power.”

What If … It was all true

Anticipated Publication Date: 2020

The book is a spiritual fantasy about a woman learning the truth of who she is, realizing miracles are possible and that her physical demise might be necessary for the survival of Earth.