Energy Workshops

Diana conducts workshops that focus on subtle energies and the collective consciousness. She explains individuals’ innate subtle energies, our connection to universal energy, and how subtle energies are transferred between us during our daily lives. Participants learn to recognize the subtle energy within them and the extent of their own energy field (biofield). They are also taught how to increase their own energy level, how to feel the energy of a partner, and how to shield against others’ energy. Several exercises are performed so that the participants can experience the energetic interactions. The workshops end with Diana’s unique energy pyramid meditation to solidify the presence of universal energy.

We and everything else are comprised of energy and this energy is called subtle energy. There is a constant exchange of energy between people, nature, animals, and the universe. If you have ever felt drained or excited after having a conversation with someone, that was the result of an exchange of energy between you and the other person.

This collective energy is often called universal energy, divine energy, unified energy field, source, chi, or God. Because we are part of this collective energy, the information stored within the universal field is available to all of us. Therefore, the knowledge we seek is inside us.

Although you currently may not be able to see subtle energies, you can learn how to feel the energy and use the energy that you are already connected to. Diana’s workshops assist participants in understanding that we are more than a physical body and that we have choices to regain our power, evolve, and enjoy what life has to offer.

The techniques and understanding learned during the workshops can be utilized to improve one’s health and daily activities. An increase in personal energy assists in increased awareness, healing, maintaining good health, and an overall good and relaxed feeling. The workshops are fun and at the end many are surprised at how easy it is to feel and work with subtle energy. Group workshops typically last two to three hours.