Tuning Forks

Biofield Tuning Using Tuning Forks

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During a Biofield Tuning session, Diana combines her unique pyramid energy and Reiki with tuning forks to assist her clients in their healing process. Biofield Tuning is a non-medical, therapeutic modality that uses vibrating tuning forks to balance a person’s energy field (biofield or biomagnetic field). It is a unique method that is gentle, non-invasive, effective, and powerful.

Potential benefits of Biofield Tuning sessions are:

•    Healing
•    Reduced Stress
•    Reduced Pain
•    Reduced Fear
•    Decreased Digestive Issues
•    Reduced Anxiety and Emotional Imbalances, including PTSD
•    Increased Relaxation and Energy
•    Improved Sleep
•    Improved Organ Functions
•    Release of Old Energetic Patterns
•    Grounding
•    Obtaining Potential Life Changing Information.

Our memories and their associated emotions have different energy frequencies that our bodies propagate into the biofield. These energy signatures appear to be stored in compartmentalized locations within the biofield.

During a session, a vibrating tuning fork is passed through the person’s biofield, starting at the outer edge of the field, which is approximately five feet from the body. The energy field is “combed” with the vibrating fork to harmonize blocked energies and shift the patterns stored in the biofield. If an area of “stuck” energy or resistance is encountered, the combing is stopped and the coherent sound of the fork is allowed to shift the noise. The balanced energy is then dropped into a chakra (energy center) to assist the energy in returning to the body for re-use and self-healing. The chakra is then “columned” to assist in integrating the energy and strengthening the person’s connection to universal energy.

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Biofield Tuning was developed by Eileen Day McKusick, a pioneering researcher and practitioner, and founder of The Biofield Tuning Institute. According to the biofield anatomy developed by Ms. McKusick, our energy field is like rings in a tree, with our birth and gestation experiences at the outer edge of our field and our current life experiences closest to our body. The biofield anatomy allows the practitioner to determine the age at which a trauma occurred by the location a resistance is encountered in the biofield. For more information about Biofield Tuning, including a scientific explanation of the modality, please see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrlQXh4hWEA&app=desktop.

A sonic meridian flush, which focuses on opening the flow of energy along the body’s energy channels (meridians), is also available. During this method, tuning forks and crystals are used on the body’s pressure points, similar to acupressure. The vibrations are transported through the body, opening up energetic blockages, thus resulting in increased energy and relaxation.

A Biofield Tuning session lasts approximately 1 to 1.5 hours. Couples, pets, and nature can also benefit from sessions.

Biofield Tuning is an energy medicine and should not be relied upon as health, medical, psychological, or other professional advice. It is not intended for people wearing pacemakers, who are pregnant, have cancer, or are very ill.