“I had an opportunity to do a one to one journey with Diana and it was a unique,
powerful and eye opening experience. I have never come across this type of practice
before but would recommend it to anyone looking to explore their connection and the
expanded universe. I guess the best description is an out of body experience but at the
same time I was fully grounded and aware, maybe a better way to say it is that I just
became enormous as I filled the space following Diana’s voiced instructions. Everyone
should try this exciting modality.”
Derek P – London, England

“I am one of the lucky ones that’s been experiencing Diana’s energy pyramid meditations
since she started sharing her gift. I’ve done over 20 of them and I can say that it’s
never the same from one time to the other. Each experience is unique and totally magical.
I can feel the energy is getting stronger let it be one-on-one or in a group. You will
be surprised to see where you “end up” during the journey ๐Ÿ˜‰ visiting a planet, another
galaxy, inside your body or a past life… possibilities are endless. Give it a try!
I recommend the one-on-one to get your “feet wet” or jump in the group meditation she
offers once a month. Totally worth it!!!”
Karine D. – Coolidge, AZ

“Diana has a grounded, peaceful, and yet commanding presence. She has the ability to
create and hold specific energy space and safely guide her clients through many
different vibrational healing modalities.
I experienced both the energy pyramid meditation and the tuning forks with Diana.
Both were unique and wonderful experiences. The energy of the pyramid was tangible and
powerful! She is right that in the hours/days following, there can be additional
releases that come as waves of emotion! I didn’t think that would be me but it did
happen, and I went with it, knowing it was part of the process.
I am grateful for The Borges Experience and would highly recommend it!”
Sarah L – Windsor, CA

Diana combines her unique and powerful pyramid energy with biofield tuning to
facilitate gentle yet deep energetic cleansing. My session included ancestral tuning
which helped to reduce the impact of old familial energetic patterns that no longer serve
me and open to new more expansive ways of being. I am more centered, grounded and
prepared to take the next step on my path. Thank you Diana.”
Michelle K – Palo Alto, CA

Tuning fork healing was one of my most powerfully felt energy experiences I have had
with Diana to date. The session was simultaneously calming and intense– many energy
blockages in my body and field around me surfaced, and we were able to move the
energy along and release some of it. Similar to a skilled yoga instructor, Diana intuitively
knows how to make me feel comfortable during the session, instructs where to direct my
attention and what to do with my body and breath as she is working with the forks.
Afterward, I felt significantly different in my body, like massive subconscious burdens
had been lifted, and I also felt more sensitive to my surroundings. I have noticed drastic
changes in my demeanor and behavior in my daily life as a result of her work. I would
highly recommend this kind of healing to anyone– various emotional, mental, physical
and spiritual needs can be addressed with the turning forks when used in conjunction
with Diana’s special skill and sensitivity to energy.
Katherine B – Seattle, WA

I consider myself fortunate to have had an opportunity to work with the wonderful
energy modality offered by Diana. The work is positive and high vibrational. I have found
it to be a tremendous tool in the development of a personal energy practice. It lends itself
well to the cultivation of energy and spiritual growth.
Tom S – Santa Rosa, CA

Thank you so much, Diana, for a very interesting, informative, and fun evening! I loved
the style of your workshop; the interactive partner exercises were extremely effective. I
had experiences during both the five-minute gazing exercise (which I must say made me
nervous at first!) and the pyramid travel meditation (unbelievably awesome!) that
surpassed anything I’d anticipated. I would really like to do another travel meditation
with you again!
Cindi R – Santa Rosa, CA

The session with Diana was wonderful. I felt a huge weight released from my energy
field– especially around my heart and lungs. I also felt a big piece of me reconnected to
my child-like joy.
Tamara F – Sebastopol, CA

Diana, this was really interesting and fun. Thank you so much for hosting! I really
enjoyed the exploration of this topic of energy .. and would love to hear more. Thanks for
being a great and informative host. Really loved the final meditation. ๐Ÿ™‚
Valerie P – Sebastopol, CA