Diana’s workshops and classes assist participants in understanding that they are more than a physical body and that they have the strength and knowledge to regain their power, evolve, manifest, and enjoy what life has to offer. Meditative journeys and Heart Access are often included in the workshops so that individuals can trust in themselves and in their own co-creation abilities.

Workshops and Classes

Diana conducts workshops and classes that assist others in understating who they truly are so that they can regain their power and live more fulfilled lives. Participants are taught concepts relating to subtle energies, interactions between the physical and energetic worlds, HeartMath Institute’s heart-brain coherence technique, how limiting beliefs may be holding them back, and more. Exercises are performed so that participants learn to modulate their own energy, strengthen their connection to their hearts and souls, and experience the energy within their bodies, in their energy field, and comingled with a partner.

We and everything else are comprised of energy, which is often referred to as subtle energy. There is a constant exchange of energy between people, nature, animals, and the Universe. Because we are part of the universal energy (divine energy, unified energy field, source, chi, or God), the knowledge we seek is available to all of us.


Diana conducts guided meditations for healing, reconnection to the heart and soul, journeying (astral travel), past life regressions, gathering information, and assisting in creating global coherence for Earth and all life forms. The meditations are journeys within oneself and out, expanding beyond the physical realm. Many participants experience a simultaneous grounding and expansion, unlike anything they have ever experienced.

Potential benefits of the mediations led by Diana include:

  • Healing for Self and Earth
  • Personal Growth
  • Grounding
  • Obtaining Life Changing Information
  • Understanding Universal Connection
  • Experiencing Subtle Energies
  • Creating Heart-Brain Coherence
  • Releasing Old Programs
  • Expansion of Consciousness
  • Journeying (Astral Travel)
  • Opening Doors to New Possibilities
  • And Pure Enjoyment.

There are several meditative journeys offered, including a pyramid meditation. The mediations are slightly different each time but often include accessing your heart’s strength and knowledge, deepening your connection to your soul, receiving for your highest good, releasing “old programs” on a cellular and subconscious level, sending unconditional love and compassion to Earth, inviting life to participate in HeartMath Institute’s heart-brain coherence technique, and/or connecting to the elements.

All meditative journeys can be performed in person or remotely. Scheduled free meditations are posted on The Borges Experience Facebook page.

Our memories and their associated emotions have different energy frequencies that are stored in our bodies and propagated into the biofield (human energy field or biomagnetic field). According to the biofield anatomy developed by Ms. McKusick, our energy field is like rings in a tree, with our birth and gestation experiences at the outer edge of our field and our current life experiences closest to our body. The biofield anatomy allows the practitioner to determine the age at which a trauma occurred by the location a resistance is encountered in the biofield. 

Recorded meditations are available on YouTube. Guided Meditation to Heal, Strengthen Your Heart-Soul Connection and Create Global Coherence is available Here and Guided Meditation for Self Transformation and Global Coherence Here.

Meditation Testimonial 

“I had an opportunity to do a one to one journey with Diana and it was a unique, powerful and eye opening experience. I have never come across this type of practice before but would recommend it to anyone looking to explore their connection and the expanded universe. I guess the best description is an out of body experience but at the same time I was fully grounded and aware, maybe a better way to say it is that I just became enormous as I filled the space following Diana’s voiced instructions. Everyone should try this exciting modality.”   Derek P – London, England



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