Awaken Your Life’s Purpose

Change Your Story, Change Your World

In order to break old patterns and thoughts that don’t serve us, we need to have a different understanding of who we are and BELIEVE in ourselves, regain our power. Life is about learning, experiencing, evolving, and sharing. About living from the heart, knowing your truth, having compassion not just for others but for yourself. Life is also about ups and downs – its part of the learning process. When we can embrace all of life and understand that much of what we struggle with is based on our interpretations, our life shifts. In other words, see the synchronicities that happen in your life and understand there is often a bigger picture unfolding for your highest good.

Diana combines all her tools to assist clients in obtaining what is most appropriate for them at that point in their lives. Coaching sessions are tailored to each individual’s needs and desires. 

Awaken Your Life’s Purpose

Diana is certified as a Life Purpose Coach. Drawing from her education, channeling skills, and her own life experiences, she coaches on trusting the strength and knowledge within so that her client’s can transform into the person they are meant to be. Diana strongly believes that humans are extremely powerful when they come from their true essence, connected to their hearts and souls. But for many of us our life experiences disempowered us. According to Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist, we operate 95% of the time using programs on our subconscious and that most of these are based on our experiences before we were 7 years old. Think about it…whose stories are running YOUR life?



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