Heart Access


Diana Borges created and founded Heart Access, a meditative journey to go within and out of ones body for self healing, reconnection, and more. The technique guides a person through the process to release and transform by first entering the heart. From there the person is guided to release energies that have been trapped within the heart and elsewhere in the body, down to a cellular and subconscious level. The person is then invited to download from the divine the most appropriate programs for their highest good.

A Heart Access session may also involve:

  • Sensing into different portions of the brain and making the most appropriate neurological connections for the person’s evolutionary path and purpose
  • Creating heart-brain coherence using HeartMath Institute’s technique
  • Reconnecting to your heart and soul
  • Discovering your truth
  • Having unconditional love, compassion, and patience for self and others
  • Expansion of heart energy into the body, energy field and Universe
  • A sense of grounded expansion
  • A shift in ones beliefs
  • Making yourself a priority
  • Feeling empowered with your own strength and knowledge.

Science has discovered that the heart actually sends more neural information to the brain than the brain does to the heart and that our memories are stored in the heart. According to the HeartMath Institute, the heart is “a point of entry into the psychophysiological networks that underlie emotional experience.”

Although the human heart has much strength and knowledge, life’s experiences can make us disconnected from the heart. Diana understands that courage is often needed to reveal and transform energies (emotions, memories) within the heart. For many, building protective walls around the heart was their survival technique. Diana also knows from personal experience, the transformation that occurs when those energies are harmonized and the person steps into their innate powers.

Everyone has the ability to self heal, self regulate, and self regenerate when they are in harmony with their true self. After a Heart Access session, most people have a different perception of themselves and their world. You can experience a free Heart Access session Here.

Heart Access can be performed one-on-one, in a group, in-person or remotely. When performed one-on-one tuning forks are often placed on the body to assist with opening and modulating energy flow within the body.

An experiment was performed to evaluate the impact a Heart Access session potentially has on a person. The results are presented here.

Live Blood Analysis Before and After Receiving Heart Access Healing Session 

Live blood cell analysis (viewing blood under a microscope) was performed on a person before and after they received a Heart Access session from Diana Borges.  The session consisted of first placing tuning forks on the body to open and support healthy energy flow within the body. Heart Access was then performed to heal, strengthen connections to the heart and soul, and receive information for the person’s highest good. Below are photographs of the person’s blood taken before and after the session. As indicated in the photographs, the Heart Access session had a positive impact on the cells. The live blood photographs are courtesy of Dr. Rebecca Gustavson ND. Information about this experiment is for observational purposes only and not meant for medical or diagnostic purposes. 


Photo is of live blood cells prior to person receiving Heart Access session. Note clumping of the cells.


Photo is of live blood cells after Heart Access session. Note change in cell configuration; more spread out and obvious “halo” lighting around cells. This demonstrates how Heart Access can support the body on a cellular level.

Heart Access Testimonial 

“I didn’t know exactly what to expect when I saw Diana for a Heart Access Healing session but after she worked her magic I can say I was impressed – and calmed, grounded, clear – with her work. Between her expert use of the tuning forks and heart mediation, I left our session feeling light and free, and ready to step back into my power. As mom to a baby and business owner, I was tired and disconnected. Diana helped me regain energy and clarity, while inducing a calm, powerful and deeply meaningful reconnection to my self and higher power. My feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion were overcome with a sense of peace and gratitude, and a confidence that things are just the way they are meant to be. I believe this kind of healing experience is important for anyone interested in getting out of their busy mind and stepping into a more serene personal energy space. I will definitely be coming back for more; Diana works wonders!!!”   Noel W – Santa Rosa, CA