Pyramid Meditations

 Pyramid Meditation


Diana created an energy pyramid meditation to share the energies she had been utilizing for years. The unique modality can be used for healing, journeying (astral travel), past life regressions, gathering information, and assisting in the healing of Earth.  During the meditations, many participants experience a simultaneous grounding and expansion, unlike anything they have ever experienced.

Potential benefits of a pyramid mediation include:

•    Healing for Self and Earth
•    Personal Growth
•    Grounding
•    Gathering Potential Life Changing Information
•    Understanding Universal Connection
•    Experiencing Subtle Energies (Chi)
•    Expansion of Consciousness
•    Journeying (Astral Travel)
•    Opening Doors to New Possibilities
•    And Pure Enjoyment.

There are two general types of energy pyramid meditations that are offered. Both begin with Diana connecting the people involved on a heart base level, then expanding that connection to nature and Earth.

The Level 1 meditation is a two-part, guided meditation that benefits the participants and Earth. During the first phase of the meditation, an upright energetic pyramid is formed for clients to energetically enter and experience what is appropriate for them; healing, journeying, or gathering information. The second phase consists of forming an inverted energetic pyramid around Earth, collectively sending unconditional love into the pyramid, and guiding the energy to Earth and its inhabitants for healing. The meditation concludes with feeling one’s own unconditional love and an “interexchange” of energy with Earth. The meditation can be performed in groups or one-on-one.

The Level 2 meditation is for those who want to do a past life regression or astral travel to a pre-determined destination. This meditation begins similar to the Level 1 meditation, with the individual energetically entering an upright pyramid. Once in the pyramid, the participant speaks their intent and the energy shifts so that the individual can consciously travel. Because these meditations focus on individual’s desires, the meditations are performed during private sessions. It is recommended that individuals participate in a Level 1 meditation prior to experiencing a Level 2 meditation, especially if they are unfamiliar with subtle energy work.

The energy Diana shares is safe and has no intent, except to assist the individual in their growth and healing. All energy pyramid mediations can be performed in person or remotely via telephone or Skype.