About Diana

diana-header-profileDiana Borges is an energy healer and an energy tour guide who uses multiple modalities to facilitate the non-physical into tangible reality. She believes that within each of us is the knowledge we seek, the desire to be all that we can be, and the longing to feel love. But all too often we get distracted by our daily physical lives and forget that we are more than the physical body, and that we have the ability to learn, discover, heal, and evolve. Her desire is to assist others in opening the doors that will assist them in experiencing life in a way that she is grateful to have awakened to.

In 2006, with her divorce final, a new job, and the purchase of a home, Diana made the decision to heal her past, change some of the patterns in her life, and discover the purpose of her life. She realized that life is a journey of ups and downs and that being human means experiencing all aspects of life.

In 2008, the door to Diana’s non-physical world was shattered and she knew there was no going back. During a body sensing exercise, energy flowed into her feet then up her legs. Being a scientist, she decided to explore and experiment with the energy instead of dismissing it. Since that time, she has trained across the country studying human energy, connection to universal energy, higher consciousness, Reiki, shamanic practices, Qigong, and several other topics. Along the way, she discovered part of her life’s commitment is assisting in the healing of Earth and humanity.

Diana is a certified tuning forks practitioner under The Biofield Tuning Institute, a Reiki Master in traditional Usui Reiki, a dowser, certified in Qigong Celestial Palm and Celestial Shield, and a student of A. Hameed Ali’s Diamond Approach, The Monroe Institute, and Qigong.

She has a B.S. degree in Geology from the University of California, Davis, California. She has been a Registered Geologist in the State of California since 1994, primarily assisting in the physical healing of Earth by investigating and remediating contamination. She has been President, and Partner of a successful environmental consulting firm since 2010. Prior to her current position, she was the Environmental Division Manager for a separate consulting firm for 13 years.

Diana is a fourth degree black belt in Taekwondo and was an instructor for more than 10 years. Her martial arts training also includes Cuong Nhu and Tai Chi.

It is through these practices and her life experiences that she obtained a greater understanding of the interactions between the physical and energetic worlds, the symbiotic relationships between humans, Earth, animals, and nature, how to channel energy to assist in the healing of humanity and Earth, and the development of her unique energy pyramid meditation.