Diana Borges 

Release  Reconnect  Rejoice
Experiencing is Believing

Meet Diana Borges

Intuitive Teacher, Speaker, Energy Healer, Author, Geologist

Diana Borges assists others with their personal growth and self-healing; guiding them with removal of limiting beliefs, discovering their purpose, believing in themselves more and experiencing joy. She inspires by drawing on her own life experiences, education, channeling skills and ability to move energy. By integrating multiple techniques, Diana’s clients have had profound physical, spiritual, emotional and energetic transformations. She is a certified life purpose coach, certified energy healer in multiple modalities, speaker, international best-selling author, Channeler and Professional Geologist. She offers sessions to assist with self-healing, self-expansion and ascension, workshops/classes, meditations, retreats, reconnective nature hikes, and speaking engagements.







Are you ready for clarity, freedom and happiness?


Want to seize your full potential and move forward?


The power to evolve and manifest your world is within You. It’s time to ignite your greater truth, regain your power and embrace the path you are meant to travel. To be a conscious participant in the evolution of humanity and our Planet.

Diana is the creator of Heart Access, a unique energetic modality that helps heal and reconnect to ones heart and soul. She has performed two separate experiments using live blood cells to evaluate the effectiveness of Heart Access on clients. The results of both experiments showed a significant improvement in the clients’ blood cell configuration and movement after the healing sessions. In the second experiment, the healing session also brought the client into coherence and improved the configuration and movement of Diana’s cells from just performing the session. The results of both experiments are discussed in this website’s Heart Access page.

Diana’s Personal Symbol

After spending weeks designing her own symbol, Diana came up with this 9-pointed star and pyramid, which is a representation of herself. The body is the yellow pyramid (triangle), with Love at its root. The head stretches upwards toward the stars and its two legs in the opposite direction connecting to Earth. The three characteristics that make up the head and legs, Truth, Honor and Integrity are what she strives to be her core nature. To the sides are hummingbird-like wings that stop at the appropriate virtues for each situation; Awareness, Sincerity, Respect, Connection, Strength and/or Trust. The symbol is a reminder for her to stand in her greater truth,  live her truth and speak the truth for the highest good of all.


I went to Diana Borges for help with circulation issues that were causing swelling in both ankles and feet.  I had this condition for nine months with some improvement from other practitioners.  During the session I felt energy moving throughout my body and significant releases of tension and emotion.  The vibration from the tuning forks cleared blocked energy so that I felt the energy from foot to hip when before I felt it only from foot to below the knee.  At the end of the session my ankles and feet were much less swollen and the pooled blood that looked like bruising was at least 70% reduced and I had greater range of motion.  It is still reduced three days later.  Diana’s understanding of energy and its power to heal the body is amazing.”  Kathryn B – Cotati, CA



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